The Central Asian Free Market Institute undertook the creation of the CD in Kyrgyz which includes the following texts.

Seven Principles of Sound Economic Policy Larry Reed
Economic Policy -thoughts for Today and Tomorrow Ludwig von Mises
Islam, Civil Society and Market Economy ed Atilla Yayla
Principles for a Free Society Nigel Ashford
Common Sense Economics:What Everyman should Know…. James Gwartney, Richard Stroup, Dwight Lee
The Law Frederic Bastiat
What is Capitalism Ayn Rand
The Nature of Government Ayn Rand
What is seen and what is not seen Frederic Bastiat
Twenty Myths about Markets Tom Palmer
Self Interest Adam Smith
Inflation Mises
What is the Rule of Law Leon Louw
How Laissexz Faire made Sweden Rich Johan Norberg

Some of the texts were published in hard copy including:-

Twenty Myths About Markets by Tom Palmer