Very few classical liberal texts had been translated into Arabic until recently. It is difficult to do as the concepts involved are not easy to explain and the right words may simply not there to use.

But  the Atlas web based platform  has been working on this for a few years and Network for a Free Society is collaborating with them  and their director Dr Nouh El Harmouzi and identifying and funding texts to get translated.

These go up on the Minbar website so are available to all Arabic speakers and they can be put up on the websites of think tanks and other organisations in the region.  Some of them are published in hard copy which we hope will increasingly be the case.

To overcome the challenges of explaining the principles and foundations of a free society in Arabic NFS is funding the production of an encyclopedia which will include about 600 sections about basic concepts in human sciences and philosophy from a classical liberal perspective.  It will be undertaken by a team of doctors in the social sciences in Morocco led by Dr Mohamad Sabila and Dr Nouh El Harmouzi.

The texts that have been translated will be up on (Arabic)

When there are enough they will be put onto a CD to produce an easily accessible  collection for teachers to distribute to students and others who are interested and may not have unlimited access to the internet.