This is one of the most influential works on Political Economy written in the 19th Century.
Welfare is one of the greatest challenges facing us. How should it be supplied, how much should be supplied, who should get it and who should pay for it.
Democracy can reduce the disadvantages of extreme government centralization but not eliminate them.
Writing in China in the 6th Century BC, Lao-Tzu suggests that there is more harmony where there is less government.
A compilation of some of the works of Frédéric Bastiat, a 19th century French politician and journalist who believed in the importance of freedom, and delighted in exposing fallacies in the arguments of those who believed that the state should play a strong role in the economy.
An extensive system of checks and balances helps to limit the size and power of government, and its growth over time. These checks and balances also hold off the erosion of individual rights by vested interests.
Friedrich Hayek is undoubtedly one of the most important economists of the twentieth century, yet the general reader can often be put off his works by his reliance on vocabulary which requires an understanding of the social sciences.
A discussion of the role played by freedom in developing the institutions of ‘society’, liberal democracies and market economies and the relevance of this to Islamic countries.
Government should play an important but limited role in preserving those circumstances under which the free market can flourish.
The crucial role that property plays in creating prosperity and lifting people from poverty.
A plea to give individuals freedom.
‘Market failure’ is a term widely used by politicians, journalists and students and teachers.  However, those who use the term often lack any sense of proportion about the ability of government to correct market failures.
This book collates some of the most important arguments about liberty by some of the most important writers on the subject.
Special interests use environmental concerns to influence government policies and thereby give themselves a com
The ideas of economists and political philosophers are spread through society by intellectuals who are often attracted to socialism because it offers the means of altering society in ways that they consider desirable.
The only proper task of government, and its moral justification, is to protect the rights of citizens by banishing physical force from social relationships under an objective code of conduct.
About 2,350 years ago in Greece, Plato and Aristotle were debating whether private or public ownership of property would promote virtue.
A discussion of the relationship between the individual and the state and the criteria that help delineate the optimum scope of government.