The impact of the CD in Uganda

The President of Ladies of Liberty Alliance-Uganda speaking about the need to educate and empower women with knowledge of Property Rights, Free Trade, Civil Society and Entrepreneurship.

Nesige Claire Kisakye told students how it was very hard for to understand the libertarian message of free trade, limited government and property rights, until she spared an hour every day to read the texts on a CD of IDEAS FOR A FREE SOCIETY.  She encouraged female students to take advantage of the CD’s whenever they have time.

Mugabi Socrates was a university student in Uganda who met Adedayo Thomas from Nigeria in 2014 when he was on one of his tours to other Sub Saharan African countries to make the case for a free society to students. Some of these were supported by Atlas Network and some by Network for a Free Society which also supported the annual essay competition that Adedayo ran. This was to identify students who understood the role that  freedom played in human flourishing and might themselves promote it in their countries.  NFS supplied Adedayo with the CDs so that everyone who entered could have one.

Mugabi encouraging students at this SFL conference to explore the texts on the CD if they too want to understand how freedom will provide opportunities for them through enterprise

Mugabi said “I studied economics in high school and university but the first encounter with Ideas for a Free Society CD was in 2014 which started my journey to understand how force and central planning has nothing to do with solving the economic problems facing any society.  Finding the CD was like discovering a tree which can cure the pandemic disease almost killing the whole village.  The Ideas on the CD were like a great cure that could help thousands of students and young professionals suffering from economics which only maintain the status quo of poverty, tyranny, stagnation and backwardness.  This inspired me to get a CD to every student I can” which is how Nesige Claire Kisakye came to be promoting this message to the Ladies of Liberty Alliance in Uganda in 2020.

NFS began to support Mugabi in 2016 and supply him with CDs to distribute to students and others.

Mugabi went on to start successful Students for Liberty chapters in Uganda and then a think tank ALED, Action for Liberty and Economic Development.   As CEO of ALED he is now  running many events and connecting with hundreds of  people  every year from school level, to university, through the church, through journalists and the business community and still spreading that same message and helping new groups, such as Ladies for Liberty Alliance, start up in Uganda to explore and promote the same message with the help of the CD.

Another example of his impact through the CD, of which there are many,  was in 2019 when the leaders of Nkumba University pledged to ensure that every student who joined the School of Social Sciences would get a free CD with the support of ALED and NFS because of the importance of them learning these lessons when they were still students.