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The Network for a Free Society Solution

Our mission is to make the ideas that explore and explain the principles and values of a free society accessible in countries and languages where they are currently not available. We do this working with independent in-country partners who understand the local needs and cultures.  We support the distribution of CDs which contain many relevant texts and are available in Chinese, Russian, Kyrgyz, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, French for Francophone Africa, and Dari/Farsi.  They may seem old-tech but are still often the only solution where connections to the Internet are non-existent, too intermittent or too expensive.

We also fund translations of relevant texts and their publication as well as events where our partners can explore and explain these concepts to broader audiences. In 2018 we supplied 5,600 CDs to our partners in Africa and Asia.  We funded their larger audience events which were attended by over 5,000 students and more intensive small audience seminars events in which 667 students took part.  9 books have been translated and published.  2,438 copes have been distributed and many more read on-line.  There have been dozens of relevant media hits.