Read More ……….. Newsletter February 2019

Center for Development and Economics Great Lakes will be distributing several thousand CDs in English in Burundi, Congo and Rwanda and also translating, printing and distributing some of the IEA books into French.  This will also make them available to other groups in Francophone countries including Senegal and Ivory Coast Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI) in Ghana will again be using the CDs for their journalist seminar. Action for Liberty and Economic Development (ALED) in Uganda will be getting CDs to replace those confiscated by their customs in 2018.  Islam and Liberty Network, (ILN) will continue to promote Islamic Foundations of a Free Society in a number of languages. Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS)   is going to translate and adapt the IEA book Free Trade and How it Enriches Us as part of their spring offensive in favour of free trade particularly in food stuffs.

The demand for relevant books in Armenia seems to be bottomless.  Foundations of a Free Society   in Armenian has been hugely popular and we never seem to be able to supply enough . Then just last week we discovered that there is already an Armenian version of the wonderful book Common Sense Economics  by Jim Gwartney so we will be funding the printing of more copies of that too.

Suara Kebebasan  in Indonesia translated Islamic Foundations of a Free Society  last year and will be promoting it this year and also translating, publishing and promoting An Introduction to Capitalism.

In 2018 we helped Association Multi  in Bosnia translate and publish Friedman’s Capitalism and Freedom and this year it will be Eamonn Butler’s An Introduction to Capitalism.

In 2018 we helped the Center for Anti-Authoritarian Studies in Serbia get copyright permission to translate a number of books on our CD for inclusion in the reading list for students in Serbia we will fund their translation and publication of Kristian Niemitz’s Socialism: the failed idea that never dies.

In 2018 we sent English CDs to Students Organisation for Liberty & Entrepreneurship (SOLE) South Sudan  where the average income is below $200 a year and in 2019 we will be funding their work in schools promoting the concepts of a free society.  Our CDs in Chinese were used at the 9th North Eastern University Summer Camp in 2018.