Memorial Fund

Our Memorial Fund Goals

We have taken Linda’s mission and regions of interest as our own. Money raised through the Memorial Fund will be dedicated to fostering freedom in Africa, Asia and the Middle East and directed to four priority activities:

    • Enabling texts and ideas which explore and explain the principles and values of a free society to be translated and promoted in countries and languages where they are currently not available.
    • Helping the ideas about freedom contained in books, CDs, DVDs or digital libraries be spread far and wide through a variety of activities including, but not limited to, social media, competitions, and conferences.
    • Supporting the current and upcoming thought leaders and think tank heads across the regions with study and travel bursaries, mentoring and training.
    • Linda was actively considering the eventual issue of succession but tragically died before being able to begin to hand on her mission. Part of this Memorial Fund will be deployed in helping to find an individual, or individuals, to carry forward Linda’s vital work for decades to come.

The trustees of Network for a Free Society plan to expend the money raised within a three to ten year period (depending on the size of the Fund). It will be dispensed by NFS trustees who all knew and loved Linda to ensure that the projects selected are those Linda herself would have chosen.

Trusted like-minded organisations such as the Institute of Economic Affairs and Atlas Network have also pledged their assistance. Individuals, think-tanks and groups operating in the regions will continue to be linked with established NFS partners for assistance in project design, implementation and reporting, so that donors can be assured that every pound or dollar given will be put to best effect.

Contributing to Linda’s legacy

We know that Linda would want you to be assured that your hard-earned money was being spent wisely. If you have any questions about the Linda Whetstone Free Societies Memorial Fund, or would like it directed to a particular region, or area of activity, please do get in touch with NFS trustee Robert Boyd at who will be pleased to answer your questions or hear your specific request.

We gratefully accept gifts from anywhere in the world.  Please go to our support page  and click on the JustGiving link to make a donation. If you wish to make a gift via bank transfer please contact for NFS bank details.

If you are a UK donor, please note that Network for a Free Society is a UK-registered charity (no. CC 262982). NFS can obtain Gift Aid on donations by UK taxpayers, making your gift 25% more valuable to NFS.  Just tick the gift aid box on the JustGiving page.

U.S. taxpayers interested in exploring tax-deductible options for supporting the legacy of Linda Whetstone are encouraged to contact Robert Boyd at

 We respectfully ask that any donation you might make to honour Linda and provide a legacy for her work is in addition to, and not instead of, your current gift programme to friends and partners in The Freedom Movement. Just as Linda would have wanted. Thank you.