Blinking Lights Award

The Foundation for Economic Education launched their Blinking Lights Award in May 2014 and Network for a Free Society’s Chairman Linda Whetstone was amazed and delighted to be the first recipient largely for the work of  Network for a Free Society promoting freedom round the world.       Larry […]

“Liberty Makes All the Difference in the World”

“Liberty makes all the difference in the world” has just been published in Iran.  The 7th of Larry Reed’s  great Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy was translated by Bardia Garshasbi and appears in Sargol Publishing’s bi-monthly magazine Excellent Organisation. If you have never read it you can find it […]

‘Liberty School’ at Aksaray University, Turkey

The Association for Liberal Thinking held a well attended ‘Liberty School’ at Aksaray University, Turkey in November 2013 which was well attended.  One of the sessions was taken by Volkan Ertit form the Faculty of Science and Literature.  In it he explained the texts, ideas and concepts they would find […]

Foundations of a Free Society

Foundations of a Free Society outlines the core principles that define a free society and provides an accessible introduction to the institutions and policies necessary to preserve and enhance individual freedom. Simply written and with real-world examples, this book is essential reading for anyone wanting to bring freedom to countries […]

Why Liberty?

The Teaching Entrepreneurship and Anti-Poverty Movement (TEAM) has just concluded it’s first ever night time enlightening and enjoyable discussion seminar with high school students.  It is Why Liberty dialogue Series 3.  The program was scheduled at this night time because it comes from the student’s side unexpectedly.  The former participants on […]

Liberty Bus without Break Pad!

Liberty Bus without a Breakpad from Uganda to Eastern Kenya, the African Road Caravan rolls up. African Liberty Students Organization (ALSO) chapters in Kenya, Rwanda and Kenya are set to kick off East Africa Road Caravan between October 27 and November 8, 2013.  The Caravan kicks off from Uganda and […]

The publication of The Condensed Wealth of Nations

The online version of the giant ‘Hamshahri’ newspaper announces the publication of The Condensed Wealth of Nations with a very positive introduction taken from the text that appears on the back cover of the book. HamshahriOnline is a very influential source of news and due to its massive readership and […]

The Encyclopedia of the Human Sciences in Arabic

Many congratulations to our friends at the Arab Center for  Scientific Research and Humane Studies  in Morocco who have just produced The Encyclopedia of the Human Sciences in Arabic under the supervision of Dr Mohammad Sabila and Dr Nouh El Harmouzi.  It contains about 300 sections on economic and philosophical […]

The Alternate Solutions Institute 5th Residential Course

Conference excursion Pakistan style during the Alternate Solutions Institute 5th Residential course which was held in the hill town of Khanaspur, Ayubia in early July.  The topic was “Ideas for a Free, Responsible and Prosperous Society”.  There were 25 participants including post-graduate students, Ph.D candidates and two who already had […]