The Tajikistan Free Market Centre 2016 Project

The Tajikistan Free Market Centre provided training for 24 young activists on critical thinking skills, public speaking and leadership as well as significantly increasing their understanding of free market economics, human rights and political systems. Some aspects of the successful 2015 NFS funded debate league project was used again. This […]

Promoting Freedom in Zimbabwe

Rejoice Ngwenya of Comaliso has been promoting freedom there for many years and despite the opposition of the authorities. Last week he took a stand at the Harare Book Fair to share books from the Atlas Network and the mini library on CD   ‘Ideas for a Free Society” and to […]

Working Towards a Prosperous and Responsible Society in Pakistan

Working towards a prosperous and responsible society in Pakistan. Employment opportunities for young people in Pakistan are amongst the lowest in the world and the % of the population under 30 years is amongst the highest in the world so the challenges facing the Alternate Solutions Institute are huge. Their […]

Winners of the Rising Tide Foundation Essay Contest

Winners of the Rising Tide Foundation Essay Contest for African Undergraduates promoted by the Nations Newspaper Nigeria. Managed by African Liberty Organisation for Development (ALOD) and supported by Network for a Free Society. 634 entries were received from 22 countries including Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa, Ethiopia, […]

The Rising Tide Foundation

2016 ESSAY CONTEST FOR AFRICAN UNDERGRADUATES The Nation Newspaper, Nigeria, and African Liberty Organization for Development (ALOD) in collaboration Network for a Free Society (NFS), is calling for entries into the 2016 essay competition. Details are as follows:   Topic: Entrepreneurs are the creative force in the economy.  Is your government […]

The Arab Center in Morroco

The Arab Center in Morroco has been extremely active throughout the MENA region during the last year arranging many events one of which took place on December 1st and 2nd, 2015.  A  specially selected group of young intellectuals from around the area gathered to discuss aspects of human liberty.  The […]