Alternate Solutions Institute, Pakistan 8th Annual Residential Course

Alternate Solutions Institute, Pakistan. 8th Annual Five Day Residential Course August 2017. The Alternate Solutions Institute (ASI ) in Pakistan recently organised their 8th five day annual residential course ‘Ideas for a Free and Reponsible Society’ at Khanaspur, Ayubia with NFS support.  The facilitators were Dr. Raza Ullah, Dr. Khalil Ahmad, Dr. Fayaz […]

Silk Road Station Report

Silk Road Station Report January 2016 – October 2016 Silk Road Online Radio & TV The Silk Road Station is an initiative of AELSO by support of Network for a Free Society & Atlas foundation that launched on 2015 as one of the productive way to reach communities, youth groups, […]

Armenian Liberty Students Organization

Armenian Liberty Students Organization REPORT LIBERTY SEMINARS 2016 ARMENIAN LIBERTY STUDENTS ORGANIZATION   The Armenian Liberty Students Organization is an Armenian non-governmental, non-profit organization with a mission to raise public awareness about liberty for changing public opinion toward more liberty by implementing informative aeducational programs. Click here to read the […]

8th Khanaspur Residential Workshop on the Bases of Prosperous and Responsible Society in Pakistan

Alternate Solutions Institute organized 8th residential workshop at Khanaspur this summer from 17-21 August. The event provides an opportunity to university students, young entrepreneurs and fresh managers to participate in diverse activities. Besides, train- ing they hike, network and involve in many other creative activities. The institute has appointed coordinators to […]

Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (PRIME)

Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (PRIME) January 2017 The Young Fellows Program is an effort by Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (PRIME) to create future leaders and knowledge professionals. It brings together research scholars, authors and emerging experts working on different themes pertaining to State, Society, Economy and […]

Students for Liberty Burundi

Students for Liberty Burundi are led by Aimable Manirakiza  who was first introduced to the concept of a free society at an SFL meeting in Kenya in May 2015 where he was given the CD “Ideas for a Free Society” in both English and French by Alex Njeru.   On returning […]

ALOD Distributs ‘Johhny Profit’ by Michael Malgeri

The African Libery Organisation for Development, ALOD runs effective students seminars in many East African countries and has recently been distributing the book ‘Johhny Profit’ by Michael Malgeri which is available for free download. “‘Johnny Profit’ bucks convention and takes the labels of guilt and greed out of honest profit […]