The Condensed Wealth of Nations

Readers in Iran can now buy copies of The Condensed Wealth of Nations in Farsi either from the publishers in Iran or through Amazon.  The Wealth of Nations is one of the most important books ever written and yet it is rarely read today because it is written in a […]

Result of the 2013 Essay Competition

Result of the 2013 Essay Competition by The Nation CAMPUSLIFE-Nigeria in collaboration with Blantyre newspaper- Malawi and Powered by Network for a Free Society.                     A total of 271 essays were graded.  The score ranges between 74% and 10%, with […]

Events for Students and Young Professionals in Afghanistan

The Afghan Economic and Legal Studies Organisation ran events for students and young professionals in Afghanistan at  Kunduz, Baghlan and Takhar in early summer 2013.  They were supported by the Atlas Network and the CD ‘Ideas for a Free Society’ were given to those who took part as well as […]

Interview About IEA’s ‘Public Choice – A Primer’

The largest circulation weekly in Iran belongs to the Ministry of Culture and has just published a full page interview about the IEA’s, ‘Public Choice – A Primer’, written by Eamonn Butler, which was published in Iran some months ago.  In the interview the books translator Bardia Garshasbi suggests that it […]

Classical Liberal Books Published in China

Two new classical liberal books have just been published in China by the Chongquin Publishing House under the guidance of the Cathay Institute for Public Affairs. Their titles are The Basic Idea of Property Rights, Market and Competition and The Rules of the Economy, Legal System and Public Policy.  The papers […]

Ideas of Liberty

The Leadership School at Yerevan in Armenia was the venue for a presentation on the ideas of liberty with special focus on entrepreneurship .  It was taken by Glenn Cripe and Andy Eyschen of the Language of Liberty think tank and attended by over 200 enthusiastic young people.  125 CDs […]

Student Seminar August 2012

The Kazakhstan Institute for Development and Economic Affairs ran its first student seminar in August 2012 with support from their friends in the Central Asian Free Market Institute and the Tajikistan Free Market Institute and also Wolfgang John from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation all of whom worked as trainers.  Participants came […]

African Liberty Book Expo

AfricanLiberty started her 2013 outreach program with a week-long (Jan 14-18) book expo at the Yaba College of Technology Lagos-Nigeria. As well as personal interest in the work of ALO and the books on offer, over 100 students and staffs raised questions and discussed the answers with ALO Staff. All […]

The Dari version of The Morality of Capitalism

The Dari version of The Morality of Capitalism (What Your Professors Won’t Tell You) Edited by Dr. Tom G. Palmer, Is published by the Afghan Economic & Legal Studies Organisation (AELSO) in January 2013 with support from NFS.  It will now be made available to students in Afghanistan.