The Great Free Market Event in Tanzania

The Free Market Great Debate is the first ever libertarian contest in Tanzania, designed to input free-market ideas to university students and give them a unique opportunity to debate issues and views around the theme of “morality of capitalism” based on the book edited by Dr Tom Palmer and published by Atlas Network. and […]

Exploring the Benefits of a Free Society with Journalists in Ghana

In summer 2018 the 2 day African Journalists for Opportunity training, a flag ship project of the Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation, took place in Accra. ILAPI CEO Peter Bismark thinks it is an important function of journalists to ruffle feathers, ask hard questions, and demand answers and the purpose of the two day […]

The Great Lakes branch of Students for Liberty

“How to Eradicate the Barriers to Prosperity and Opportunity in Burundi, Rwanda and DR Congo” was the topic for the 3rd annual essay contest run by the Great Lakes branch of Students for Liberty and supported by NFS.   Director Aimable Manirakize said that quiz contests were a completely new idea in the region in 2016 […]

Freedom, Entrepreneurship and Prosperity in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

The Audace Institute Afrique, whose mission is “a responsible freedom for a shared prosperity”, ran a workshop titled Freedom, Entrepreneurship and Prosperity in Abidjan, Ivory Coast in August 2018. 17 participants were selected from the Ivory Coast, Benin, Niger and Burundi on account of their understanding of the concept of a free society.It was facilitated […]

Samriddhi Foundation Nepal

Economic Growth and Wealth Creation was the topic for this Liberty Fund type discussion at Nagarkot, Nepal in August 2018. All participants understood and believed in the philosophy of Liberty and had pre-read the texts selected by the much respected moderator Dr Parth Shah from the Centre for Civil Society in Delhi. The event was […]

Action for Liberty and Economic Development in Uganda

Mugabi John Socrates is a tireless advocate of enterprise and prosperity in Uganda. Mugabi John Socrates has inspired the growth of Students for Liberty in Uganda over the last 18 months with many activities in universities around the country and now he is setting up ALED.  Action for Liberty and Economic Development in Uganda will […]

The Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organisation

The Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organisation,  AELSO  was set up in Kabul in 2009.  Its mission is to promote the values of economic freedom and responsibilities which includes strengthening the institutions of the free-market economy, such as clear definition of, and respect, for property, and promotion of freedom of expression, toleration, human rights, and […]

The Indonesia Institute

The Indonesia Institute translated  Islamic Foundations of a Free Society  published by the IEA and edited by Dr Nouh El Harmouzi and Linda Whetstone.  Hard copies are being referenced to reading clubs, discussion groups of students or like-minded organisations.  For instance Indonesian Institute “Afternoon Coffee for Freedom” sessions and MISES Boot Camp and the activities […]

Sub-Saharan Africa Seminar

In October 2017 NFS held a Liberty Fund type event in Kenya called the African Young Scholars Colloquium. We met for dinner on the first night followed by two inspiring days of discussion on Liberty, Social Thinking and Constitutional Government led by Dr Stephen Davies, Director of Education at the Institute of Economic Affairs and […]

Linus Okechukwu Unah Winner of the 2016 Rising Tide Foundation Essay Contest

The 2016 Rising Tide Foundation Essay Contest for African Undergraduates, was set up and managed by NFS and African Liberty Organisation for Development, ALOD, and won by Nigerian Linus Okechukwu Unah then in his last year as a journalism student.  His first prize was $1000 and a scholarship to the Liberty and Entrepreneurship Camp at […]