Students for Entrepreneurship and Economic Reform – SEER

Students for Entrepreneurship and Economic Reform – SEER Islamia College, Peshawar, Pakistan. Alternate Solutions Institute organized a seminar in the Department of Management Sciences on the Eco-system of an entrepreneurial society in Pakistan such as strong property rights, sound money, open trade, less regulation, favorable banking and financial system and other attributes such as supportive education […]

Alternate Solutions Institute, Pakistan 8th Annual Residential Course

Alternate Solutions Institute, Pakistan. 8th Annual Five Day Residential Course August 2017. The Alternate Solutions Institute (ASI ) in Pakistan recently organised their 8th five day annual residential course ‘Ideas for a Free and Reponsible Society’ at Khanaspur, Ayubia with NFS support.  The facilitators were Dr. Raza Ullah, Dr. Khalil Ahmad, Dr. Fayaz Ali Shah and Colonel Sahibzada Anees. Directed […]

Silk Road Station Report

Silk Road Station Report January 2016 – October 2016 Silk Road Online Radio & TV The Silk Road Station is an initiative of AELSO by support of Network for a Free Society & Atlas foundation that launched on 2015 as one of the productive way to reach communities, youth groups, business community and all citizens […]

Armenian Liberty Students Organization

Armenian Liberty Students Organization REPORT LIBERTY SEMINARS 2016 ARMENIAN LIBERTY STUDENTS ORGANIZATION   The Armenian Liberty Students Organization is an Armenian non-governmental, non-profit organization with a mission to raise public awareness about liberty for changing public opinion toward more liberty by implementing informative aeducational programs. Click here to read the Report Liberty Seminars 2016 2017 […]

Caravan called “Freedom, a Remedy for Poverty”

The first step of the caravan called “freedom, a remedy for poverty”, organised by Audace Institut Afrique with the support of Network for free society, was held on 11th March 2017 in the youth council hall in Yopougon, a popular city in Abidjan. This caravan was attended by the communal council bureau and young people […]

Lessons on Liberalism for Young Armenian Lawyers

“We are a group of lawyers who want to contribute to making Armenia a free and secure place to live for ourselves and our children with a limited government, free markets and individual rights instead of the current corruption and oligarchical government. Our idea is to create a community of Armenians who would promote liberty […]

The Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organisation

The Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organisation (AELSO)  is run by M Abul Ahrar Ramizpoor. During 2016 they continued to build their online Silk Road Radio Station which promotes free society values and helps to counteract violent extremism.  It is a unique program to enable and encourage an exchange of views with young Afghans on […]

Masterclasses on Liberalism in the State of Kedah and the Klang Valley Region in Malaysia

The Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) working in collaboration with project partners, Sekolah Pemikir Jalanan and Kelas Pencerahan, hosted a series of Masterclasses on Liberalism in the state of Kedah and the Klang Valley region to promote classical liberalism amongst youth in Malaysia. About Sekolah Pemikir Jalanan and Kelas Pencerahan Launched in February […]

8th Khanaspur Residential Workshop on the Bases of Prosperous and Responsible Society in Pakistan

Alternate Solutions Institute organized 8th residential workshop at Khanaspur this summer from 17-21 August. The event provides an opportunity to university students, young entrepreneurs and fresh managers to participate in diverse activities. Besides, train- ing they hike, network and involve in many other creative activities. The institute has appointed coordinators to remain engaged with students and […]

Protecting Land Rights through Local Registries in the Ivory Coast

Congratulations to Gisele Dutheuil and the Audace Institute Afrique for their ground breaking work reinventing property rights in Cote D’Ivoire. April 2016. Almost all villagers in the Ivory Coast lack secure property rights. When people have no clear rights to use the land on which they live and work, they are unable to invest in […]