Supporting Freedom in Afghanistan

NFS has been supporting the Afghan Economic and Legal Studies Organisation in its promotion of the values of tolerance and individual freedom as the foundation for peace since it was founded in 2009.   Principally this has been through their translation and dissemination of classical liberal texts in hard and soft […]

Liberty Sparks Promoting Freedom in Tanzania

NFS supported Liberty Sparks programs in 2020 including the translation and publishing of 2 primer type classical liberal books, a webinar series, a student essay competition, journalist training, a conference and a six series radio programme 2 books were translated, published and disseminated.  1400 copies printed. 2000 CDs were printed […]

The 12th Annual Residential Workshop in Khanaspur, Pakistan

Two months later than usual because of the virus the Alternate Solutions Institute held its 12th five day residential workshop,  the 10th to be supported by NFS.  This event always attracts a large number of very well qualified potential participants with 40 being accepted, ten more than usual because of […]

Launch of Urdu edition of Foundations of a Free Society in Peshawar, Pakistan, February 2021 Alternate Solutions Institute

Alternate Solutions Institute has launched the Urdu translation of British Economist Eamon Butler’s book ‘Foundation of a Free Society.’ The book explores effects of freedom on human life, society, economy, and culture. The book focuses on economic freedom, market economy, property rights, individual freedom, taxation, free trade, money, and rule […]

Islam and Liberty Discussions in Kabul 2020

NFS supported a number of projects in Afghanistan in 2020 through the Afghan Economic and Legal Studies Organisation (AELSO).  These included the AELSO Academy Project, Silk Road Radio Station and printing and distribution of books and a mini library of classical liberal texts on a CD. 635 participants at the […]

Islam and Liberty Network - Making the Muslim Case for Freedom

Islam and Liberty Network – Making the Muslim Case for Freedom

Network for a Free Society has supported Islam and Liberty in a way that has underpinned its development and successes since its formation in Istanbul in 2011. This has included funding seminars, conferences, some general support and the translation and distribution of the book Islamic Foundations of a Free Society […]

Toleration, Freedom and Peace in Boko Haram Country

Global African Christians for Liberty organized this workshop in Maiduguri in the North East of Nigeria where the terrorist group Boko Haram is very active.  This is a jihadist terrorist group which is particularly brutal and make normal life extremely difficult and any escape from poverty impossible. The purpose was […]

Francophone Africa and the Literature of Liberty

The CD was also the first access Aimable Manirakiza had to texts that covered the concept of a free society but this time in French.   In 2015 as a student activist desperate for a better life in Burundi he travelled for four days to get to a Students for Liberty […]

An Introduction to Free Society Values in D.R.Congo

Bindu Espoire from the D.R.Congo was inspired by the text of Foundations of a Free Society on the French edition of the CD ‘Ideas for a Free Society’, which he was given when first in contact with Students for Liberty. He became involved in the Burundi chapter of Students for […]

Uganda and the power of ideas

The President of Ladies of Liberty Alliance-Uganda speaking about the need to educate and empower women with knowledge of Property Rights,free trade,Civil Society and entrepreneurship. Nesige Claire Kisakye told students how it was very hard for to understand the libertarian message of free trade,limited government and property rights until when […]