In Memoriam: Linda Whetstone (1942 -2021)

Robert Boyd – 31st December, 2021 “I applaud your aim to build on the success of the IEA in Europe, America and further afield.”  So wrote the Prime Minister to Antony Fisher forty years ago.  No-one did more to fulfill that aim than Linda Whetstone.   A vibrant network of now […]

Linda Whetstone

We are extremely sad to announce that Linda Whetstone, the founder, leader and cornerstone of Network for a Free Society, died suddenly in Miami, USA, on August 15th. We are joined by a large number of people across the world whose lives she touched in expressing our sorrow at her […]

United Kingdom

The funding was raised and the CD created to provide access to classical liberal texts for people in countries where they were not otherwise available. On this basis, and as the number we could produce was limited by copyright the UK was not a target area. However we did give […]