Ideas for a Free Society

Although there was some distribution of the English CD in Russia it was not until the Russian version was completed at the end of 2011 that interest in it increased.  Alexander Kouryaev, Director of the publishing house Sotsium, produced the CD in Russian which contains about 70 texts by writers […]


A selected group of professors, journalists and public intellectuals met at the Catholic University of Portugal in February 2011, to attend the launch of the DVD “Ideias de Liberdade / Livres para Escolher” in Portuguese in Lisbon. In order to reach these ‘second hand dealers in ideas’, two well known […]

The English CD in Russian

Dr Catherine Gurling teaches on the Kingston Russian MBA program for the Academy of National Economy in Russia.    It was founded in 1977 and MBA courses started running in 1998. A national centre for the training and development of Russian governmental officers and federal staff – nearly 40,000 senior government […]

Armenian Youth for Liberty

Armenian Youth for Liberty, Language of Liberty and Network for a Free Society joined together to support the first Liberty Camp in Armenia. The second Liberty English Camp in Armenia, organized by Armenian Youth For Liberty in cooperation with Language of Liberty Institute took place on 2-8 April 2012, in […]