The Tajikistan Free Market Centre 2016 Project

The Tajikistan Free Market Centre provided training for 24 young activists on critical thinking skills, public speaking and leadership as well as significantly increasing their understanding of free market economics, human rights and political systems. Some aspects of the successful 2015 NFS funded debate league project was used again. This […]

“Ideas for Free Society”

The Tajikistan Free Market Centre is running a Debate League “Ideas for free society” launched in 29th of March, 2015 as a unique debate project with several education tours. The main idea of the League is promotion of liberal ideas to the young people.       NARRATIVE MID-REPORT Public […]

Tajikistan Summer Camp of Economic Freedom

The Tajikistan Free Market Center held a summer camp in July 2013 on the banks of the Varzob river to popularize economics with the young  and increase understanding amongst them.  An essay competition led up to the camp to help assess potential participants and the top three received some valuable […]