Working Towards a Prosperous and Responsible Society in Pakistan

Working towards a prosperous and responsible society in Pakistan. Employment opportunities for young people in Pakistan are amongst the lowest in the world and the % of the population under 30 years is amongst the highest in the world so the challenges facing the Alternate Solutions Institute are huge. Their […]

PRIME Youth Workshop 2015

Private Property, Privatisation and Ownership Rights PRIME Youth Workshop 2015 Shangrila Pines Hotel, Nathia Gali, 21st -23rd August, 2015   PRIME organised Youth Workshop 2015 on ‘Private Property, Privatisation and Ownership Rights’ from 21st to 23rd August, 2015 in Nathia Gali, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It was supported by Network for a […]

PRIME Youth Workshop 2015 Pakistan

Private Property, Privatization and Ownerships Rights  in Pakistsan PRIME Youth Workshop 2015 on PRIME Institute, an independent think tank based in Islamabad, is pleased to announce a two-day workshop for selected youth activists and youth leaders of Pakistan. The purpose is to engage them in discussion over fundamental economic institutions […]

Seminar on ‘Property Rights and Entrepreneurship’

Secure property rights is essential for an enterprising society. In a seminar at CECOS University on ‘Property Rights and Entrepreneurship’: Pakistan as a Case’, Dr Raza Ullah, resource person explained it with ‘Doing Business’ report and ‘International Property Rights Index’ report which sufficiently support that strong property rights and economic […]

The Alternate Solutions Institute 5th Residential Course

Conference excursion Pakistan style during the Alternate Solutions Institute 5th Residential course which was held in the hill town of Khanaspur, Ayubia in early July.  The topic was “Ideas for a Free, Responsible and Prosperous Society”.  There were 25 participants including post-graduate students, Ph.D candidates and two who already had […]

Department of Philosophy, University of Peshawar, July 2011

A seminar was arranged for the distribution of CD among the students of Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Management Sciences, and Economics at the Department of philosophy, University of Peshawar. Students’ attendance was less in the university due to annual examination starting from July 1, 2011 and students were busy in […]

University of Central Punjab, June 2011

A CD Distribution Event “Ideas for a Free and Responsible Society” was organized by Alternate Solutions Institute at the University of Central Punjab. A total of 130 students from various departments and institutes of the University participated in the event. The students attended the event completely at their own will […]

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation requested 2000 copies of the CD as soon as they heard a Second Edition was being produced and some were delivered to the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan. These CDs were distributed to the participants in our seminars as we put them on […]