Department of Philosophy, University of Peshawar, July 2011

A seminar was arranged for the distribution of CD among the students of Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Management Sciences, and Economics at the Department of philosophy, University of Peshawar. Students’ attendance was less in the university due to annual examination starting from July 1, 2011 and students were busy in their preparation. Therefore, the date […]

University of Central Punjab, June 2011

A CD Distribution Event “Ideas for a Free and Responsible Society” was organized by Alternate Solutions Institute at the University of Central Punjab. A total of 130 students from various departments and institutes of the University participated in the event. The students attended the event completely at their own will as there was no administrative […]

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation requested 2000 copies of the CD as soon as they heard a Second Edition was being produced and some were delivered to the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan. These CDs were distributed to the participants in our seminars as we put them on a display table where other […]

NFS Pakistan, University of Gujarat, April 2011

On April 19th 2011 the Alternate Solutions Institute invited students from various universities in Lahore to the Al-Hamra Hall at the university of Gujarat and about 110 participated.  

Student Seminar at Islamia College University, Peshawar, June 2011

In June 60 students took part in a seminar in Islamia College University, Peshawar. The seminar was started with the holy name of Allah; a student from the Islamia College University recited a few verses from the holy book. The animated video Philosophy of Liberty was displayed to students with comments from Coordinator.  A discussion […]

Institute of Management Studies, University of Peshawar, May 2011

Another  CD distribution seminar was organized at the Institute of Management Studies, University of Peshawar in May, 2011. Fifty registration forms were issued to the organizing committee but such was the demand that teachers asked that their students could come to the workshop without registration and  total attendance was over 80. These students were enrolled […]

Khanaspur, Ayubia, Khyber-Paktunkhawa Province May 2011

Khanaspur, a small hilly town in Ayubia, Khyber-Paktunkhawa Province was the venue for the 3rd four day residential course organized by the Alternate Solutions Institute in May 2011.  The title was “The Ideas for a Free, Responsible and Prosperous Society.” 15 graduate and  post-graduate students participated from various departments and institutes of University of the […]

2nd Edition of the Pakistani version of the CD, 2009

The Alternate Solutions Institute has also been involved with the second edition of the CD which was produced in 2009 and again they made their own slightly amended version. The idea was to distribute them in much the same way as the first edition but as with the first edition nothing ever seems to be […]

1st Edition of the Pakistani version of the CD, 2006

The Alternate Solutions Institute in Lahore, founded by Dr Khalil Ahmad in 2003, have been our main partners in Pakistan. They ran one of the original CD pilot projects in 2006 in which five think tanks in Asia and Africa received $3,000 to make 500 copies of the CD and help with their distribution to […]