The 12th Annual Residential Workshop in Khanaspur, Pakistan

Two months later than usual because of the virus the Alternate Solutions Institute held its 12th five day residential workshop,  the 10th to be supported by NFS.  This event always attracts a large number of very well qualified potential participants with 40 being accepted, ten more than usual because of […]

Launch of Urdu edition of Foundations of a Free Society in Peshawar, Pakistan, February 2021 Alternate Solutions Institute

Alternate Solutions Institute has launched the Urdu translation of British Economist Eamon Butler’s book ‘Foundation of a Free Society.’ The book explores effects of freedom on human life, society, economy, and culture. The book focuses on economic freedom, market economy, property rights, individual freedom, taxation, free trade, money, and rule […]

Islam and Liberty Network - Making the Muslim Case for Freedom

Islam and Liberty Network – Making the Muslim Case for Freedom

Network for a Free Society has supported Islam and Liberty in a way that has underpinned its development and successes since its formation in Istanbul in 2011. This has included funding seminars, conferences, some general support and the translation and distribution of the book Islamic Foundations of a Free Society […]

The 11th Annual Residential Workshop, in Khanaspur, Pakistan.

The institute organizes residential workshop for Pakistani youth every year at the hill station Khanaspur. This year the purpose of the workshop was for young people to learn the basis of a prosperous and responsible society. The program has been evolved over the last ten years and is now very popular with many applications to attend from young intellectuals even though everyone has to pay for part of the costs. The workshop provides an opportunity for the participants to learn about economic freedom as well as to network and take part in theatre, debates, discussion forums, and hiking in the beautiful valleys of northern Pakistan.

The 10th Khanaspur Residential Course, Pakistan July 2018

This annual five day workshop is a flagship event of the Alternative Solutions Institute in Pakistan. The basic purpose is to introduce young people in Pakistan to the concepts of the philosophy of rights and economic freedom. The 35 participants are selected from about 300 applicants on the basis of […]

Students for Entrepreneurship and Economic Reform – SEER

Students for Entrepreneurship and Economic Reform – SEER Islamia College, Peshawar, Pakistan. Alternate Solutions Institute organized a seminar in the Department of Management Sciences on the Eco-system of an entrepreneurial society in Pakistan such as strong property rights, sound money, open trade, less regulation, favorable banking and financial system and other […]

Alternate Solutions Institute, Pakistan 8th Annual Residential Course

Alternate Solutions Institute, Pakistan. 8th Annual Five Day Residential Course August 2017. The Alternate Solutions Institute (ASI ) in Pakistan recently organised their 8th five day annual residential course ‘Ideas for a Free and Reponsible Society’ at Khanaspur, Ayubia with NFS support.  The facilitators were Dr. Raza Ullah, Dr. Khalil Ahmad, Dr. Fayaz […]

8th Khanaspur Residential Workshop on the Bases of Prosperous and Responsible Society in Pakistan

Alternate Solutions Institute organized 8th residential workshop at Khanaspur this summer from 17-21 August. The event provides an opportunity to university students, young entrepreneurs and fresh managers to participate in diverse activities. Besides, train- ing they hike, network and involve in many other creative activities. The institute has appointed coordinators to […]

Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (PRIME)

Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (PRIME) January 2017 The Young Fellows Program is an effort by Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (PRIME) to create future leaders and knowledge professionals. It brings together research scholars, authors and emerging experts working on different themes pertaining to State, Society, Economy and […]

Working Towards a Prosperous and Responsible Society in Pakistan

Working towards a prosperous and responsible society in Pakistan. Employment opportunities for young people in Pakistan are amongst the lowest in the world and the % of the population under 30 years is amongst the highest in the world so the challenges facing the Alternate Solutions Institute are huge. Their […]