Network for a Free Society’s first involvement with Iraq came in 2012 when Rabet Co. was established in the City of Erbil, with an aim to create and expand scientific, research, cultural, artistic, educational, tourism and business relationships between northern Iraq and its neighbouring countries as well as the rest […]


The Mamay Institute’s essay contest in Ukraine was based on the Russian version of the CD Ideas for a Free Society and run by Maria Semykoz. She said the quality of the work was so high that they gave an extra 4th prize of EUR 100 and the winners were […]

“I Pencil”

Leonard Read’s wonderful article “I, Pencil” was published in the bilingual Arabic/Kurdish newspaper “Bas” in Iraq on February 23rd thanks to the efforts of friends in Kurdistan.

4th Adam Smith Forum

The 4th Adam Smith Forum organized jointly by the Libertarian Party of Russia and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and given over to a discussion of ideas of economic and personal freedom, took place in Moscow on Oct. 20, 2012, this time housed in the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and […]

5th Session of the Free People’s Forum

Ivanovo, a regional centre northeast of Moscow, was the venue for the 5th session of the Free People Forum with support from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation. Even though it was held on a week day the event attracted about 30 participants including a number a journalists. The theme of the day was […]


Khabarovsk – The Free People Forum held its third session in Khabarovsk, in the Russian Far East, organized by the Libertarian Party of Russia with support from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and the Khabarovsk Regional Foundation for Small Enterprise Support.   Speakers at the Forum included Alexander Simontsev, […]

The Morality of Capitalism is published in Iran

The Morality of Capitalism was published in Iran through the commercial publisher Sargol in August 2012.  The book was edited by Tom Palmer of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation and originally published under their auspices in conjunction with Students for Liberty.  It was interpreted by Bardia Garshasbi and had a […]

Ideas for a Free Society in Chinese, 2012

The Cathay Institute for Public Affairs produced the CD in Chinese in March 2012 and immediately there was interest in it from other parts of China and other parts of the world.  There are no copyright restrictions on the use of these texts on the CD or web sites so […]

Ideas for a Free Society

Although there was some distribution of the English CD in Russia it was not until the Russian version was completed at the end of 2011 that interest in it increased.  Alexander Kouryaev, Director of the publishing house Sotsium, produced the CD in Russian which contains about 70 texts by writers […]