The vision of Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation in Nepal, is a free and prosperous Nepal where individuals can live a dignified life in a vibrant and democratic society with equal access to opportunities and respect for the rule of law.  And its mission is to promote ideas of freedom- […]

“Samriddhi” Published an Introductory Primer in May

“Samriddhi”, the Prosperity Foundation in Nepal just published an introductory primer in May exploring the principles and practise of a free society.  The texts were taken from the CD  ‘ideas for a Free Society’  and translated.         Articles for Ideas for a Free Society-An Introductory Primer for […]

Classical Liberal Books Published in China

Two new classical liberal books have just been published in China by the Chongquin Publishing House under the guidance of the Cathay Institute for Public Affairs. Their titles are The Basic Idea of Property Rights, Market and Competition and The Rules of the Economy, Legal System and Public Policy.  The papers […]

Farsi Version of “Public Choice – A Primer”

The Iran Economist ran a positive introduction, on January 26th, to the Farsi version of “Public Choice – A Primer” written by Eamonn Butler and published by the Institute for Economic Affairs.          Also the long established and more hard line ‘Resalat’ introduced it although there was […]


Our partners in Kazakhstan are the Kazakhstan Institute for Development and Economic Affairs, which was initiated in 2011 by young citizens of Kazakhstan to promote the ideas of freedom, civil society, free market, rule of law, free enterprise and private property for the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Pavel Koktyshev […]

Student Seminar August 2012

The Kazakhstan Institute for Development and Economic Affairs ran its first student seminar in August 2012 with support from their friends in the Central Asian Free Market Institute and the Tajikistan Free Market Institute and also Wolfgang John from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation all of whom worked as trainers.  Participants came […]

The Dari version of The Morality of Capitalism

The Dari version of The Morality of Capitalism (What Your Professors Won’t Tell You) Edited by Dr. Tom G. Palmer, Is published by the Afghan Economic & Legal Studies Organisation (AELSO) in January 2013 with support from NFS.  It will now be made available to students in Afghanistan.

6th Session of the Free People’s Forum

Kazan, the capital of the Tatarstan Republic of Russia was the venue for the 6th session of the Free People’s Forum on November 24th 2012.  It was planned and arranged by the Libertarian Party of Russia and the Kazan Tribune Debate Club.  The forum brought together libertarians from across European […]

Reviews of the Morality of Capitalism in Iran

The response in the media in Iran to the publication of the Morality of Capitalism, edited by Tom Palmer,  has been encouraging.  There have been 14 reviews that we know about in their national daily and weekly press and one interview with the translator Bardia Garshasbi in the weeky magazine […]

Iran – “Public Choice – A Primer”

In October 2012 Sargol published Bardia Garshasbi’s translation of “Public Choice – A Primer”, written by Dr Eamonn Butler and first published in the UK by the Institute of Economic Affairs. This complex area of economics and pubic policy has been clearly summarised in this primer and the author […]