India’s Future Foundation and Language of Liberty Seminars

India’s Future Foundation and Language of Liberty arranged a series of 9 seminars in 6 towns in India between 2nd and 11th February 2015.   Nearly 1000 students attended to learn about the current political, economic and social situation in India, reasons behind growth of most developed countries in the world, […]

“Entrepreneurial infrastructure Kazakhstan – points of growth”

Report on the work of the Institute for Development and Economic Affairs and the Club of Young Entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan during 2014. “Entrepreneurial infrastructure Kazakhstan – points of growth” Previously IDEAS had concentrated on student outreach and this was their first research project which produced a handbook through which free […]

Seminar on ‘Property Rights and Entrepreneurship’

Secure property rights is essential for an enterprising society. In a seminar at CECOS University on ‘Property Rights and Entrepreneurship’: Pakistan as a Case’, Dr Raza Ullah, resource person explained it with ‘Doing Business’ report and ‘International Property Rights Index’ report which sufficiently support that strong property rights and economic […]

Winner of the Student Competition in Nepal

Lopsang Dorje Lama won the student competition in Nepal for his music video on Adam Smith’s ‘The Invisible Hand’.   “Expressing Ideas for a Free Society”, a creative competition announced by Samriddhi,  The Prosperity Foundation, in early November concluded today by picking three of the most sound and creative entries […]

A 5 Module Course in Classical Liberal Ideas

A 5 module course in classical liberal ideas run by the Institute of Democracy and Economic Affairs  (IDEAs) In an effort to produce a group of open-minded individuals who can advance classical liberal ideas in Malaysia and thereby expand the network IDEAs ran a 5 module course on alternate […]

A competition for students in Nepal

A competition for students in Nepal to explain the ideas of one of the following five great liberal thinkers, Rand, Hayek, Smith, Bastiat and Freidman all of whom understood the relationship between economic freedom and prosperity so well.          

‘Caravan of Liberty’

Network for a Free Societies partner in Morocco, the Arab Center for Scientific Research and Humane Studies, organised a ‘caravan of liberty’ to Egypt and the Yemen, June 2014. With the partnership of the Center for Studies and Economic Media, in Yemen they organized a seminar entitled: “The impact of […]

Towards the Geometry of the Global Economy

Due to a growing interest about globalisation in Iran we were invited to suggest three speakers for a conference in Tehran in January 2014  titled  Towards the Geometry of the Global Economy.  The audience of about 500 was made up of businessmen, economic experts and academics.  The conference took place […]


Network for a Free Society’s involvement in Iran is through Bardia Garshasbi who both translates the texts on the CD into Farsi and works on their publication in Iran through the publishing house Sargol.  They are also posted on the website which is the Farsi web platform of the […]