“Entrepreneurial infrastructure Kazakhstan – points of growth”

Report on the work of the Institute for Development and Economic Affairs and the Club of Young Entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan during 2014. “Entrepreneurial infrastructure Kazakhstan – points of growth” Previously IDEAS had concentrated on student outreach and this was their first research project which produced a handbook through which free […]


Our partners in Kazakhstan are the Kazakhstan Institute for Development and Economic Affairs, which was initiated in 2011 by young citizens of Kazakhstan to promote the ideas of freedom, civil society, free market, rule of law, free enterprise and private property for the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Pavel Koktyshev […]

Student Seminar August 2012

The Kazakhstan Institute for Development and Economic Affairs ran its first student seminar in August 2012 with support from their friends in the Central Asian Free Market Institute and the Tajikistan Free Market Institute and also Wolfgang John from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation all of whom worked as trainers.  Participants came […]

Al Farabi University and KZ University

After the Language of Liberty camp Glen Cripe and Andy Eyschen held a seminar with business and economics students at both the Al Farabi University and the KZ University. They spoke to each group for about an hour, mostly about Bastiat and Hayek, and gave them the CDs. Plus, as […]

Language of Liberty

Language of Liberty came to Kazakhstan on March 23 – 29, 2012 and organized a camp in cooperation with KIPP at Ak Bulak where students were engaged in several days of in depth discussion about the principles of a free society. Pavel Koktyshev of the Kazakhstan Free Market Institute for […]

Kazakhstan Institute for Public Policy

Working with the universities in Kazakhstan, Pavel Koktyshev made a donation to the biggest university library in the country of the CDs in both Russian and English, and will be working with the library in the future to get more texts for them. And not one to miss an opportunity […]

Forum for Young Entrepreneurs

Our partners in Kazakhstan have run “The Republican Forum for Young Entrepreneurs”, and currently are running seminars for young businessmen on a monthly basis as a part of “The Club of Young Entrepreneurs”. They also organize a book club to discuss ideas of freedom with young people each month with […]