Reviews of the Morality of Capitalism in Iran

The response in the media in Iran to the publication of the Morality of Capitalism, edited by Tom Palmer,  has been encouraging.  There have been 14 reviews that we know about in their national daily and weekly press and one interview with the translator Bardia Garshasbi in the weeky magazine […]

Iran – “Public Choice – A Primer”

In October 2012 Sargol published Bardia Garshasbi’s translation of “Public Choice – A Primer”, written by Dr Eamonn Butler and first published in the UK by the Institute of Economic Affairs. This complex area of economics and pubic policy has been clearly summarised in this primer and the author […]

The Morality of Capitalism is published in Iran

The Morality of Capitalism was published in Iran through the commercial publisher Sargol in August 2012.  The book was edited by Tom Palmer of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation and originally published under their auspices in conjunction with Students for Liberty.  It was interpreted by Bardia Garshasbi and had a […]