Debating a Muslim Case for Freedom in Iran

Islam and Liberty Summer University (ILSU) took place in Iran in July 2018. The three speakers and 16 young Islamic scholars affiliated with universities and research institutes in Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan spent four days as guests of the Mofid University in Qom, Iran taking part in lectures, […]

Iranian Project

The Network for a Free Society Iranian project was run by Bardia Garshasbi. During 2016 three books translated by Bardia have been published in hard copy in Iran by Sargol Publishing.   Foundations of a Free Society by Eamonn Butler and originally published by the Institute of Economic Affairs in London […]

Read Articles Published in Iran’s Business Magazine

Articles taken from the Freeman and others by Eamonn Butler, Madsen Pirie, Manuel Ayau and an interview of Norman Lamont can be found in this latest edition of a business magazine which is published in Iran. They are here presented on the website of CAPTO.

Towards the Geometry of the Global Economy

Due to a growing interest about globalisation in Iran we were invited to suggest three speakers for a conference in Tehran in January 2014  titled  Towards the Geometry of the Global Economy.  The audience of about 500 was made up of businessmen, economic experts and academics.  The conference took place […]


Network for a Free Society’s involvement in Iran is through Bardia Garshasbi who both translates the texts on the CD into Farsi and works on their publication in Iran through the publishing house Sargol.  They are also posted on the website which is the Farsi web platform of the […]

“Liberty Makes All the Difference in the World”

“Liberty makes all the difference in the world” has just been published in Iran.  The 7th of Larry Reed’s  great Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy was translated by Bardia Garshasbi and appears in Sargol Publishing’s bi-monthly magazine Excellent Organisation. If you have never read it you can find it […]

The publication of The Condensed Wealth of Nations

The online version of the giant ‘Hamshahri’ newspaper announces the publication of The Condensed Wealth of Nations with a very positive introduction taken from the text that appears on the back cover of the book. HamshahriOnline is a very influential source of news and due to its massive readership and […]

The Condensed Wealth of Nations

Readers in Iran can now buy copies of The Condensed Wealth of Nations in Farsi either from the publishers in Iran or through Amazon.  The Wealth of Nations is one of the most important books ever written and yet it is rarely read today because it is written in a […]

Interview About IEA’s ‘Public Choice – A Primer’

The largest circulation weekly in Iran belongs to the Ministry of Culture and has just published a full page interview about the IEA’s, ‘Public Choice – A Primer’, written by Eamonn Butler, which was published in Iran some months ago.  In the interview the books translator Bardia Garshasbi suggests that it […]

Farsi Version of “Public Choice – A Primer”

The Iran Economist ran a positive introduction, on January 26th, to the Farsi version of “Public Choice – A Primer” written by Eamonn Butler and published by the Institute for Economic Affairs.          Also the long established and more hard line ‘Resalat’ introduced it although there was […]