Exploring the concepts of a free society in Zimbabwe

1000 copies of the classical liberal mini-library on CD  Ideas for a Free Society were sent to Rejoice Nwenja in Zimbabwe to give students there some access to these texts so they could learn more about the creative power of freedom. They were stopped at the customs but eventually arrived […]

The Coalition for Market and Liberal Solutions Zimbabwe

The Coalition for Market and Liberal Solutions (COMALISO) run by Rejoice Ngwenya ran a stand for four days at the Harare 2016 Book Fair again in 2017.  They were promoting the concepts of liberalism (European definition) and talking to students and others.  Also giving copies of the handbook  Know Your […]

Promoting Freedom in Zimbabwe

Rejoice Ngwenya of Comaliso has been promoting freedom there for many years and despite the opposition of the authorities. Last week he took a stand at the Harare Book Fair to share books from the Atlas Network and the mini library on CD   ‘Ideas for a Free Society” and to […]


Rejoice Ngwenja is a journalist and commentator in Zimbabwe.  He is a long time defender of markets and runs COMALISCO,  the Coalition for Market and Liberal Solutions.  They organise policy and free market forums and essay competitions. In December 2009 he  received  a package of CDs to give to those […]