A New Chapter in the Effort to Promote Freedom in Uganda

Having successfully started Students for Liberty chapters in a number of universities in Uganda Mugabi Socrates has now set up Action for Liberty and Economic Development, ALED which has been interacting energetically with a wider audience during 2018 its start up year. In the last 9 months Mugabi has spoken to children in Primary and […]

Action for Liberty and Economic Development in Uganda

Mugabi John Socrates is a tireless advocate of enterprise and prosperity in Uganda. Mugabi John Socrates has inspired the growth of Students for Liberty in Uganda over the last 18 months with many activities in universities around the country and now he is setting up ALED.  Action for Liberty and Economic Development in Uganda will […]

Students for Liberty Group Uganda

Mugabe John Socrates was introduced to us when he helped NFS promote the 2016 essay contest in Uganda which he did very enthusiastically and managed to make some new connections to students interested in learning more about liberty and also to sympathetic universities as a result.  Shortly afterwards he started the first Students for Liberty […]

African Students for Liberty Event in Uganda October 2016

In October 2016 African Students for Liberty hosted their first ever event in Uganda at the Nkumba University, Kampala and there were 93 participants representing 7 universities and 3 colleges. The purpose of the event was to teach ideas of liberty and to officially launch Students for Liberty Uganda. Participants were given copies of the […]

Adedayo Thomas at Uganda’s Martyrs University in April

“Over 250 students welcomed Adedayo Thomas at Uganda’s Martyrs University in April as part of AfricanLiberty.org’s outreach program.  Books were given to the university and 350 of the CDs of the ‘Ideas for a Free Society’ containing over 100 texts that promote the principles and values of a free society were requested by the students […]

Creating Pathways to Prosperity seminars

Well attended  Creating Pathways to Prosperity seminars taken by Adedayo Thomas of AfricanLiberty.org were held in Uganda in November 2010 with 313 students at the two sessions at the Uganda Christian University on 26th. These seminars are put on because there are no existing classical liberal activities in African institutions so students have little knowledge […]