The Independent Entrepreneurship Group

Ideas for a Free Society CDs contains digital versions of 125 key books and essays on free enterprise and economics.   They were available at the (Ineng) Independent Entrepreneurship Group event in South Africa in February 2015.   The Independent Entrepreneurship Group (INENG) is based in Cape Town, South Africa and is a non-profit association created to […]

University of Zululand

University of Zululand, 17 May 2011, 13:30-14:15 Ideas for a Free Society CD to a group of lecturers and students from the economics department of the University of Zululand on 17 May 2011. Prof Shrestha and the other participants showed a keen interest in the CD and he was pleased […]

University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)

Pietermaritzburg campus, 7 April 2011, 10:30-11:15 As a result of the Ideas for a Free Society CD the Free Market Foundation (FMF) has established ties with the UKZN Pietermaritzburg campus. Professor Darma Mahadea, who comes from Mauritius and who describes Israel Kirzner (one of the many authors contained within the […]

Management College of South Africa

Leon Louw of the FMF made a presentation on 9th April 2010 at the Management College of South Africa on the principles of a free society where all of the audience were mature graduate students. Ideas for a Free Society MANANAGEMENT COLLEGE OF SA Saturday 9 April 2010 (11am – […]

South Africa

The Free market Foundation of South Africa were our partners for the distribution of ideas about a free society planned for 2010. But this turned out to be bad timing for a series of intellectual seminars at universities in South Africa which could not compete with attractions of the World […]


Gareth Bloor from Capetown, South Africa, 22nd October 2009. 80 CDs have already been keenly accepted by the Black Management Forum (BMF), a civil society national organization in South Africa. It is a non-racial group with a large segment of the membership committed to free market economics. They were the […]