2014 South African International Book Fair

Adedayo Thomas setting up the Africanliberty.org. Stand (P13) for the 2014 South African International Book Fair in June in Cape Town,  Not only does he have a selection of inspiring books for people to read, and some of which he can give them, plus the CDs ‘Ideas for a Free […]

AfricanLiberty.org Seminar and Book Donation

An AfricanLiberty.org seminar and book donation was held at the Federal University, Oye Ekiti in Nigeria on May 19th 2014 and the student attendance was impressive despite it being in the examination period.  The 67 staff who attended got a free African edition of the book  ‘foundations of a Free […]

Foundations of Human Flourishing Seminar Series

Student meeting in Ethiopia run by TEAM as part their Foundations of Human Flourishing seminar series continues to attract young entrepreneurs and students eager to learn how economic freedom alleviates poverty more than foreign aid? Mid Year Report from TEAM (Teaching of Entrepreneurship in Antipoverty Movement) in Ethiopia. We are […]

An African version of Foundations of a Free Society

An African version of Foundations of a Free Society, by Eamonn Butler and published by the Institute of Economic Affairs  has now been published in Nigeria thanks to the hard work of Adedayo Thomas.  He will now make it available to the students in his seminars throughout sub-Saharan Africa so […]

African Students and Young Professionals Essay Competition

On March 7th the African Students and Young Professionals Essay Competition 2014 was announced in the Nation Newspaper.  The title is “Creating the Foundations of a Free Society” and the competition is supported by The Nation Newspapers – Nigeria, African Liberty.org and Network for a Free Society.       […]

The Namibian Chavauchee, or Black Flag, Foundation

The Namibian Chavauchee, or Black Flag, Foundation’s sole aim is to spread the message that freedom in Africa for Africans can only be secured and guaranteed by greater economic growth than has taken place thus far. They believe that this growth will come about only through the embrace of a free […]

Audacity Africa Institute (AIA)

Audacity Africa Institute (AIA) is an independent think tank nonprofit whose vision is: ‘freedom is the remedy for poverty’.  Link http://www.audace-afrique.net/   Please click on the picture to play the video.  Through its publications, its seminars, conferences, research, AIA stimulates policy debate by proposals based on free-market reforms and the growth […]

How to Reinvent the Land Ownership Regime in Côte d’Ivoire?

How to reinvent the land ownership regime in Côte d’Ivoire? Who are we? Audace Institut Afrique (AIA) is an Ivorian independent, non-political, and non-profit think-tank created in 2009. Our mission Through its publications, seminars, conferences, research, willingness to collect innovative, multicultural and multidisciplinary ideas, AIA stimulates the political debate by […]

Free To Choose – Milton Friedman

40 years on and Milton Friedman’s message is as relevant and powerful as ever.  His ground breaking series Free to Choose is now available in Arabic on YouTube.   http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa_iMuIdC97fe2AOrbw7E11qgUKAOHRHz He has been educating people in the value of limited government and individual freedom for over half a century and has […]

The Caravan of Liberty

The Caravan of Liberty – Kenya seminars between 23rd October and 30th October 2013, had a considerable measure of success. The experience of Mr. Olumayowa and Isack Danford went along way into helping The Caravan of liberty – Kenya gain experience in carrying out libertarian events and outreaches. Within the […]