Winners of the 2015 Essay Competition for African Students

Winners of the 2015 Essay Competition by The Nation Newspaper and African Liberty Organisation for Development, powered by Network For a Free Society – click here to read the full report. A total number of 248 essays were received from Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi and Tanzania. The highest […]

Students for Liberty, Senegal

Latyr Tine of Students for Liberty, Senegal has to be thanked and congratulated for his determination to make texts that explore the principles and foundations of a free society available to Senegalese students.  Thanks also to Emeka Ezeugo for his support. The process of getting the French mini-libraries on CD […]

Activities of TEAM and Students for Liberty in Ethiopia 2014

The Freedom (TEAM) School was aimed to gather students & young professionals who want to understand and promote the ideas of classical liberal philosophy. The School covered topics that include the moral foundation of freedom, the sources of rights, private property rights, free trade and individual liberty. Please click here […]

A Free and Prosperous Malawi

The Centre for Free Market Enterprise is geared to creating a free and prosperous Malawi where the people are free to trade without government’s intervention in the market, and where people are free to live their individual freedom. The mission of the Centre for Free Market Enterprise in Malawi (CFME) […]

Three Years of the Arab Spring

Minbar Alhurriya ran a Summer University in Tunisia in September 2014 called  Three Years of the Arab Spring:  Any Outcome?   It covered topics such as freedom and the rule of law. The course was taken by 6 scholars from Morocco,  Kuwait,  Lebanon, Tunisia and Palestine and 37 participants  came from  […]

Winners of Ideas Lab Competition

The East Africa Policy Centre in Kenya ran an ‘Idea Lab’ competition in 2014 supported by Network for a Free Society.    It was designed to interest students in the East Africa region in the social and economic problems  they face and to encourage them to try and understand the causes […]

The Independent Entrepreneurship Group

Ideas for a Free Society CDs contains digital versions of 125 key books and essays on free enterprise and economics.   They were available at the (Ineng) Independent Entrepreneurship Group event in South Africa in February 2015.   The Independent Entrepreneurship Group (INENG) is based in Cape Town, South Africa and is a non-profit association created to […]

Book Clubs “Vivre Ensemble” in Mali

Only two years ago Mali was involved in civil war and August 2014 saw the first ever attempt to engage teachers and students there on the principles and foundations of free societies. Since then several summer schools have been run and these events use texts from the French edition of […]