Center for Free Market Enterprise Malawi

Peter Yakobe was an undergraduate in Malawi when American academic Brian Baugus came to lecture and inspired him with ideas about free societies. Brian introduced him to Japheth Omojuwa of who had learned about the ideas himself when he was successful in the essay contest which NFS has […]

African Students for Liberty Event in Uganda October 2016

In October 2016 African Students for Liberty hosted their first ever event in Uganda at the Nkumba University, Kampala and there were 93 participants representing 7 universities and 3 colleges. The purpose of the event was to teach ideas of liberty and to officially launch Students for Liberty Uganda. Participants […]

The Free Market & Entrepreneurship Conference, Sierra Leone

The FREE MARKET & ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONFERENCE took place on November 18th and 19th 2016 in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI-GHANA) has helped to create Free market and entrepreneurial minded youths and students in Sierra Leone. Participants have been inspired to take up entrepreneurship to create […]

Conference in Kenya in January 2017

Freedom and entrepreneurship are much needed in Ethiopia and TEAM (Teaching of Entrepreneurship on Anti Poverty Movement) is focussed on promoting understanding of them . In the photo in September 2016 you can see their Chairperson, and student leaders who met and discussed about the road for a prosperous society. […]

ALOD Distributs ‘Johhny Profit’ by Michael Malgeri

The African Libery Organisation for Development, ALOD runs effective students seminars in many East African countries and has recently been distributing the book ‘Johhny Profit’ by Michael Malgeri which is available for free download. “‘Johnny Profit’ bucks convention and takes the labels of guilt and greed out of honest profit […]

Promoting Freedom in Zimbabwe

Rejoice Ngwenya of Comaliso has been promoting freedom there for many years and despite the opposition of the authorities. Last week he took a stand at the Harare Book Fair to share books from the Atlas Network and the mini library on CD   ‘Ideas for a Free Society” and to […]