The Great Lakes branch of Students for Liberty

“How to Eradicate the Barriers to Prosperity and Opportunity in Burundi, Rwanda and DR Congo” was the topic for the 3rd annual essay contest run by the Great Lakes branch of Students for Liberty and supported by NFS.   Director Aimable Manirakize said that quiz contests were a completely new idea […]

Freedom, Entrepreneurship and Prosperity in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

The Audace Institute Afrique, whose mission is “a responsible freedom for a shared prosperity”, ran a workshop titled Freedom, Entrepreneurship and Prosperity in Abidjan, Ivory Coast in August 2018. 17 participants were selected from the Ivory Coast, Benin, Niger and Burundi on account of their understanding of the concept of […]

Summer School in the City of Khoumissat, Morocco

The Arab Center in Morocco  is dedicated to promoting democracy, rule of law and the market economy in Morocco and across the MENA region. Amongst other things it undertakes translations, publications and events in many countries in the MENA region and invites people from those countries to their events in […]

Action for Liberty and Economic Development in Uganda

Mugabi John Socrates is a tireless advocate of enterprise and prosperity in Uganda. Mugabi John Socrates has inspired the growth of Students for Liberty in Uganda over the last 18 months with many activities in universities around the country and now he is setting up ALED.  Action for Liberty and […]

Sub-Saharan Africa Seminar

In October 2017 NFS held a Liberty Fund type event in Kenya called the African Young Scholars Colloquium. We met for dinner on the first night followed by two inspiring days of discussion on Liberty, Social Thinking and Constitutional Government led by Dr Stephen Davies, Director of Education at the […]

Students for Liberty, Great Lakes Conference, November 2017

Following a very successful inter university quiz contest covering about 18 universities in the three countries of Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda the finals of this contest involved one team from each country and took place at the Regional Students For Liberty Conference in French-speaking Africa, November 22-23, […]

Students for Liberty Group Uganda

Mugabe John Socrates was introduced to us when he helped NFS promote the 2016 essay contest in Uganda which he did very enthusiastically and managed to make some new connections to students interested in learning more about liberty and also to sympathetic universities as a result.  Shortly afterwards he started […]

Democratic Republic of Congo

Led by Aimable Manirakize Students for Liberty Burundi set up the first SFL chapter in the DRC in 2016 and in 2017 they visited the 6 towns where there are university chapters spending a total of 15 days and holding seminars and discussions and ending with a quiz contest between […]