Why Liberty?

The Teaching Entrepreneurship and Anti-Poverty Movement (TEAM) has just concluded it’s first ever night time enlightening and enjoyable discussion seminar with high school students.  It is Why Liberty dialogue Series 3.  The program was scheduled at this night time because it comes from the student’s side unexpectedly.  The former participants on […]

Essay Prize Presentation in Ghana

AfricanLiberty.org’s Adedayo Thomas at the University of Ghana in October presenting the cash prize to the winner of the Network for a Free Society 2013 essay competition whose title was “Building Today for a Prosperous Africa Tomorrow” Shafic Osman who is reading Economics and Modern languages was the overall winner.

Liberty Bus without Break Pad!

Liberty Bus without a Breakpad from Uganda to Eastern Kenya, the African Road Caravan rolls up. African Liberty Students Organization (ALSO) chapters in Kenya, Rwanda and Kenya are set to kick off East Africa Road Caravan between October 27 and November 8, 2013.  The Caravan kicks off from Uganda and […]

The Encyclopedia of the Human Sciences in Arabic

Many congratulations to our friends at the Arab Center for  Scientific Research and Humane Studies  in Morocco who have just produced The Encyclopedia of the Human Sciences in Arabic under the supervision of Dr Mohammad Sabila and Dr Nouh El Harmouzi.  It contains about 300 sections on economic and philosophical […]

Alexander McCobin’s visit to Nigeria in July

Alexander McCobin’s (Student for Liberty President)  visited Nigeria in July and amongst other things presented Cash Prizes and return tickets to Kenya to winners of the 2013 African Liberty Essay Competition powered by Network for a Free Society. Alex rounded the seminar up with a lecture on the need for […]

Result of the 2013 Essay Competition

Result of the 2013 Essay Competition by The Nation CAMPUSLIFE-Nigeria in collaboration with Blantyre newspaper- Malawi and AfricanLiberty.org Powered by Network for a Free Society.                     A total of 271 essays were graded.  The score ranges between 74% and 10%, with […]

Adedayo Thomas at Uganda’s Martyrs University in April

“Over 250 students welcomed Adedayo Thomas at Uganda’s Martyrs University in April as part of AfricanLiberty.org’s outreach program.  Books were given to the university and 350 of the CDs of the ‘Ideas for a Free Society’ containing over 100 texts that promote the principles and values of a free society […]


Our partners in Morocco are the Arabic Center for Scientific Research and Humane Studies that was launched in 2012 .  The CEO is Dr Nouh El Harmouzi who also heads up Minbar al Hurriya the Atlas Economic Research Foundations web based Arabic program.  They have many educational projects with meetings […]