The Chevauchee Foundation – Common Sense for Life and Prosperity

The Chevauchee Foundation  led by Nathan Tjirimuje  will run a Common Sense for Life and Prosperity project which is an on line course to improve employees understanding of free markets so they will appreciate better how their firms need to work for both the firms and themselves to prosper.  It will also be available for […]


The CHEVAUCHEE FOUNDATION is working hard to provide opportunities for students in Namibia to learn about the creative power of freedom. The first run of their new books, Common Sense Economics by James Gwartney and The Law by Bastiat are on their way to the student reading clubs and they have started 3 new clubs […]

The Namibian Chavauchee, or Black Flag, Foundation

The Namibian Chavauchee, or Black Flag, Foundation’s sole aim is to spread the message that freedom in Africa for Africans can only be secured and guaranteed by greater economic growth than has taken place thus far. They believe that this growth will come about only through the embrace of a free market philosophy and an open […]