Center for Free Market Enterprise Malawi

Peter Yakobe was an undergraduate in Malawi when American academic Brian Baugus came to lecture and inspired him with ideas about free societies. Brian introduced him to Japheth Omojuwa of who had learned about the ideas himself when he was successful in the essay contest which NFS has […]

A Free and Prosperous Malawi

The Centre for Free Market Enterprise is geared to creating a free and prosperous Malawi where the people are free to trade without government’s intervention in the market, and where people are free to live their individual freedom. The mission of the Centre for Free Market Enterprise in Malawi (CFME) […]

Students for Liberty Malawi visit the Catholic University

Students for Liberty Malawi visited the Catholic University on 12th November 2014.   48 students and 2 lecturers attended and they distributed 50 CDs for Ideas of Free Society.  They also left 40 CDs to be distributed to the other guys who did not manage to come because of examinations.  They […]

Liberty & Awareness Campaign

A start on the road to Liberty and Prosperity in Malawi as Students for Liberty begin their Liberty & Awareness Campaign with a first visit to the Catholic University of Malawi on November 7th.  We wish them all the best and hope that very soon Malawi will be rising up […]


In August 2009 we were contacted by Nancy Mpekansambo, the librarian in the Special Collections Section at Chancellor College Library, of University of Malawi, Zomba, Malawi. She said that “Some academicians in the Philosophy and Economics Departments have been asking for information on “ideas for a free society”  because […]