Exploring the Benefits of a Free Society with Journalists in Ghana

In summer 2018 the 2 day African Journalists for Opportunity training, a flag ship project of the Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation, took place in Accra. ILAPI CEO Peter Bismark thinks it is an important function of journalists to ruffle feathers, ask hard questions, and demand answers and the purpose of the two day […]

The Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation, Ghana

The Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI), run by Peter Kwofie, is working to develop the African Journalists for Liberty (AJL) and started this year with an event in Ghana were more than 70% of the population listen to news everyday and there are 300 radio outlets as well as 4000 trained journalists in […]

The Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI-Ghana)

THE INSTITUTE FOR LIBERTY AND POLICY INNOVATION (ILAPI-GHANA) works to promote freedom and entrepreneurship in Ghana and has helped to promote free markets and entrepreneurship amongst youths and students in Sierra Leone. Participants have been inspired to take up entrepreneurship to create business opportunities for themselves.   The FREE MARKET & ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONFERENCE took place […]

Essay Prize Presentation in Ghana

AfricanLiberty.org’s Adedayo Thomas at the University of Ghana in October presenting the cash prize to the winner of the Network for a Free Society 2013 essay competition whose title was “Building Today for a Prosperous Africa Tomorrow” Shafic Osman who is reading Economics and Modern languages was the overall winner.