Freedom, Entrepreneurship and Prosperity in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

The Audace Institute Afrique, whose mission is “a responsible freedom for a shared prosperity”, ran a workshop titled Freedom, Entrepreneurship and Prosperity in Abidjan, Ivory Coast in August 2018. 17 participants were selected from the Ivory Coast, Benin, Niger and Burundi on account of their understanding of the concept of a free society.It was facilitated […]

Caravan called “Freedom, a Remedy for Poverty”

The first step of the caravan called “freedom, a remedy for poverty”, organised by Audace Institut Afrique with the support of Network for free society, was held on 11th March 2017 in the youth council hall in Yopougon, a popular city in Abidjan. This caravan was attended by the communal council bureau and young people […]

Protecting Land Rights through Local Registries in the Ivory Coast

Congratulations to Gisele Dutheuil and the Audace Institute Afrique for their ground breaking work reinventing property rights in Cote D’Ivoire. April 2016. Almost all villagers in the Ivory Coast lack secure property rights. When people have no clear rights to use the land on which they live and work, they are unable to invest in […]

The Audace Institut Afrique

The Audace Institut Afrique is one of the most effective champions of freedom in Francophone sub-Saharan Africa.  They have many outreach projects within the country and also an important project on reinventing property rights but their director Gisele Dutheuil is also keen to help those in other countries.  During December 2015 they ran a programme […]

Freedom is the Solution for Poverty

Freedom is the Solution for Poverty – tag line for Audace Institut Afrique in Cote D’Ivoire. In Cote D’Ivoire the CDs are being distributed by  Audace Institut Afrique who have immediately put them to good use on three projects because rarely before have students, or teachers had any access to these ideas.  They are virtually […]

A CD in French

“Idées pour une société libre” a mini-library on CD of 100 texts that explore and explain the principles and foundations of a free society in French will be available next week from Institut Coppet or Network for a Free Society. It has been produced by Marc Lassort and a small team from the Institute Coppet […]

Audacity Africa Institute (AIA)

Audacity Africa Institute (AIA) is an independent think tank nonprofit whose vision is: ‘freedom is the remedy for poverty’.  Link   Please click on the picture to play the video.  Through its publications, its seminars, conferences, research, AIA stimulates policy debate by proposals based on free-market reforms and the growth of economic freedom, private property, […]

How to Reinvent the Land Ownership Regime in Côte d’Ivoire?

How to reinvent the land ownership regime in Côte d’Ivoire? Who are we? Audace Institut Afrique (AIA) is an Ivorian independent, non-political, and non-profit think-tank created in 2009. Our mission Through its publications, seminars, conferences, research, willingness to collect innovative, multicultural and multidisciplinary ideas, AIA stimulates the political debate by making contextualized proposals with respect […]