OPENFEST held in Sarajevo, Bosnia

As part of the by the ambitious Openfest run by think tank Multi in Sarajevo in October 2016  there was a session on Islam and a Free Society presented by the Istanbul Network for Liberty. The link below is a recording of the session which was attended by about 30 people and ended with […]

Multi is Multiplying Libertarian Events in Bosnia

MULTI IS MULTIPLYING LIBERTARIAN EVENTS IN BOSNIA. Association “Multi” in the last month, organized three events with the participation of over 700 students. We had an innovative STEPS Conference (flagship event), “Night of Ideas” debate competition in Zenica and the Free Market Road Show (for the first time in Tuzla). Then October 27th, 28th […]

‘Ideas Competition for Students

In Bosnia Herzogovina Multi ran an ‘Ideas Competition’ for students in November and December 2014.  The purpose of the competition was to support student activism and encourage them to develop innovative ideas to solve economic and social problems.       Teams of three students prepared a case for a […]

European Students for Liberty Conference

A historic event took place in Sarajevo last week when a European Students for Liberty conference attracted 130 students making it the biggest proliberty event in the history of Bosnia Herzegovina. It took place at the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo on 27.09.2014 in association with “Multi” as the representative […]