Towards the Geometry of the Global Economy

Due to a growing interest about globalisation in Iran we were invited to suggest three speakers for a conference in Tehran in January 2014  titled  Towards the Geometry of the Global Economy.  The audience of about 500 was made up of businessmen, economic experts and academics.  The conference took place […]

Blinking Lights Award

The Foundation for Economic Education launched their Blinking Lights Award in May 2014 and Network for a Free Society’s Chairman Linda Whetstone was amazed and delighted to be the first recipient largely for the work of  Network for a Free Society promoting freedom round the world.       Larry […]


Network for a Free Society’s involvement in Iran is through Bardia Garshasbi who both translates the texts on the CD into Farsi and works on their publication in Iran through the publishing house Sargol.  They are also posted on the website which is the Farsi web platform of the […]

“Liberty Makes All the Difference in the World”

“Liberty makes all the difference in the world” has just been published in Iran.  The 7th of Larry Reed’s  great Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy was translated by Bardia Garshasbi and appears in Sargol Publishing’s bi-monthly magazine Excellent Organisation. If you have never read it you can find it […]

‘Liberty School’ at Aksaray University, Turkey

The Association for Liberal Thinking held a well attended ‘Liberty School’ at Aksaray University, Turkey in November 2013 which was well attended.  One of the sessions was taken by Volkan Ertit form the Faculty of Science and Literature.  In it he explained the texts, ideas and concepts they would find […]

Language of Liberty Seminar in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Language of Liberty Institute and Students of Liberty held a two day seminar on April 5th  in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Glenn Cripe and Andy Eyschen from LLI spoke on the History of Classical Liberal Thought with Andy also promoting entrepreneurship in another session.  Yaron Brook from the Ayn Rand Institute […]

Foundations of a Free Society

Foundations of a Free Society outlines the core principles that define a free society and provides an accessible introduction to the institutions and policies necessary to preserve and enhance individual freedom. Simply written and with real-world examples, this book is essential reading for anyone wanting to bring freedom to countries […]

The Caravan of Liberty

The Caravan of Liberty – Kenya seminars between 23rd October and 30th October 2013, had a considerable measure of success. The experience of Mr. Olumayowa and Isack Danford went along way into helping The Caravan of liberty – Kenya gain experience in carrying out libertarian events and outreaches. Within the […]

Why Liberty?

The Teaching Entrepreneurship and Anti-Poverty Movement (TEAM) has just concluded it’s first ever night time enlightening and enjoyable discussion seminar with high school students.  It is Why Liberty dialogue Series 3.  The program was scheduled at this night time because it comes from the student’s side unexpectedly.  The former participants on […]

Essay Prize Presentation in Ghana’s Adedayo Thomas at the University of Ghana in October presenting the cash prize to the winner of the Network for a Free Society 2013 essay competition whose title was “Building Today for a Prosperous Africa Tomorrow” Shafic Osman who is reading Economics and Modern languages was the overall winner.