Language of Liberty

Language of Liberty came to Kazakhstan on March 23 – 29, 2012 and organized a camp in cooperation with KIPP at Ak Bulak where students were engaged in several days of in depth discussion about the principles of a free society. Pavel Koktyshev of the Kazakhstan Free Market Institute for […]

Kazakhstan Institute for Public Policy

Working with the universities in Kazakhstan, Pavel Koktyshev made a donation to the biggest university library in the country of the CDs in both Russian and English, and will be working with the library in the future to get more texts for them. And not one to miss an opportunity […]

Forum for Young Entrepreneurs

Our partners in Kazakhstan have run “The Republican Forum for Young Entrepreneurs”, and currently are running seminars for young businessmen on a monthly basis as a part of “The Club of Young Entrepreneurs”. They also organize a book club to discuss ideas of freedom with young people each month with […]

University of Agriculture Ogun State, Nigeria

Adedayo Thomas from ( introduced over 130 students to the working of capitalism and the beauty of liberalization as against regulations by government.  He then explained about the mini-library on the CD and discussed Henry Hazlitt’s, “Economics in One Lesson” and “What is seen and What is not Seen” […]

University of Gujarat

Over 100 students answered the Alternate Solutions Institute (  invitation to the Al-Hamra Hall at the  University of Gujarat in Pakistan to explore and discuss “Ideas for a Free and Responsible Society”

April 25th, Fez, Morocco

The Istanbul Network for Liberty held their first meeting in Fez – “Exploring the Principles and Values of a Free Society within a Muslim World”. Network for a Free Society was involved in the administration of the meeting and arranging fellowships where needed. Report on the first meeting of the Istanbul […]

Mont Pelerin Society Meeting in Fez

Network for a Free Society played an advisory role in running this meeting and also arranged funding and fellowships for about 30 of the participants who came from some 10 countries in the region. Report on the Mont Pelerin Society Meeting in Fez   April 21st to 24th Freedom, Human Dignity […]

Istanbul, Turkey – October 2011

Spreading the Word of Freedom and Liberal Democracy in the Region October 4th, 2011,  Grand Oztanik, Taksim, Istanbul This event was run by the Association for Liberal Thinking in Association with the Network for a Free Society. About 100 academics and intellectuals took part in this workshop on October 4th, […]

Mont Pelerin Society Meeting in Istanbul

Report on the Mont Pelerin Society Meeting in Istanbul Agreement was given by the MPS Board at the Tokyo meeting in 2008 for a meeting of the MPS to be held in Istanbul in 2011. As a result on September 30th 2011 around 265 members, guests, speakers and fellows gathered at the […]

Cathay Institute for Public Policy

The Cathay Institute for Public Policy had distributed 500 of the CDs during training sessions, workshops, seminars and conferences in the first three months since the launch including a workshop in Institutional Analysis and Public Policy and they set up an exhibition area during their Annual Conference on Public Policy, […]