Our People

Brian Baugus

Brian Baugus  has degrees from George Mason University (PhD, MA), Vanderbilt University (MBA) and McDaniel College (BA) and has worked in academia for twenty years, currently as  an economics professor  in Virginia, but he has also held positions in banking, management consulting and state government.  He has researched and written on entrepreneurship, political economy and emerging economies and has ongoing relationships with African Bible University in Kampala, Uganda and the Centre for Free Market Enterprise in Malawi where he has traveled and lectured. He is overseeing the development of an entrepreneurship training program to be used in several African nations to help develop the new generation of African business leaders. He is married and has four children and assorted pets.

Robert Boyd

Robert Boyd is a private investor living in Virginia. He studied Classics at the University of Oxford and has worked in London, Hong Kong and San Francisco. His professional focus has been on strategic corporate growth and management and he has been a board member of public and private corporations, not-for-profit organisations and a community association.

He has also been a trustee of various think tanks for more than twenty-five years.

Michael Fisher

Mike Fisher is the second son of Sir Antony Fisher, who founded the Institute of Economic Affairs. He has spent his life working in business, founding Whale Tankers Ltd (based in Solihull). He remained chairman of the company until 2001.  Mike spent two years on HM Government’s Deregulation Task Force, and three years on HM Government’s Enterprise and Deregulation Panel at The Cabinet Office. He sadly notes “With very little effect”.

Kendra Okonski

Kendra Okonski has worked in public policy since 1997 and from 2001 to 2010 was an environment and development analyst with International Policy Network in London. She has edited or co-edited several publications including three books Adapt or Die (2003), Environment and Health (2004), and The Water Revolution (2006). She grew up in Montana and Chile and has a BA in Economics from Hillsdale College (Michigan USA) and currently lives in New Jersey with her husband and two small daughters.

Linda Whetstone (Deceased)

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