About Us

We believe passionately in the creative power of freedom and the prosperity it brings.  Freedom meaning that each of us is free to act without interference by others so long as our actions do not interfere with the actions of others.  This requires both tolerance and a government that is able to protect freedom.

While government should be limited, if we are to be free it must provide the rule of law and an effective judiciary, the protection of private property, free markets and free speech.

Freedom has been shown again and again to promote prosperity.  One only has to look at the histories of North and South Korea and East and West Germany to judge whether a freer or less free state has a better record in enabling people to lift themselves from poverty.   Statistically economic freedom has been proven to generate not only far higher levels of income but also more other positive outcomes than less economically free countries and it is a necessary condition for democratic government. www.freetheworld.com

“Freedom is the most precious of values because it is the basis of all other values.  It gives them meaning.  It allows us to live our own lives as we choose.  But it also requires the restraint not to interfere in the lives of others.  Every individual, every society, and especially every state, finds this difficult to achieve.”  ( Principles of a Free Society, Dr Nigel Ashford)We want everyone to have the chance to explore the principles and practise of a free society and to discuss the opportunities and challenges that it presents so that they are empowered to join in the debate and influence events in their own countries.