Towards a better Understanding of Economics in Pakistan

Two months later than usual because of the virus the Alternate Solutions Institute held its 12th five-day residential workshop, the 10th to be supported by NFS.  This event always attracts a large number of very well qualified potential participants with 40 being accepted, ten more than usual because of the high demand.  They included lawyers, journalists, teachers, undergraduate students, entrepreneurs, political activists, and human rights defenders.  All pay a subsidised fee to attend.

Topics included the current economic problems of Pakistan and their causes, such as Inflation, unemployment, poverty, bases of freedom, philosophy of rights; the concept of natural and inalienable rights, fundamental rights in Pakistan, economic and political freedom, the definition of economic freedom; elements of economic freedom; implications of economic freedom, how economic freedom relates to political freedom? The nature of the relationship; can one survive without the other? These topics have also been documented in a manual that includes writings of well-known economists, political scientists, and liberty champions.

Tayyeba Zulfiqar a participant and lecturer from the Department of English at Bahria University Islamabad commented: “In five days I became 40 friends richer and met some amazing scholarly mentors.  Thank you ASI for giving me a lifetime experience.  Everyone must strive to be a part of this formidable workshop.”

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