Improving the Chances for Start Ups in the Ivory Coast

Poverty rates there are 46%, rates of business bankruptcy and unemployment very high, the informal sector represents most of the economy and young people desperately look to public jobs for illusory security. Independent think tank Audace Institut Afrique (AIA), understands that it is the private sector which allows the public sector to there.

Despite changes and an average of 26% of new businesses created annually, available jobs continue to fall and AIA has just finished a study to assess the challenges to young businesses in their first year and suggest solutions.  These include the tax burden and lack of transparency in collecting it and other costs that push them back into the informal sector, burdensome regulations, corruption, incoherence of SME policies, irregularity of state contracts and a general lack of awareness of the role and value of entrepreneurs.

It will be promoted through campaigns, a presentation, press conferences, dissemination to strategic people from the appropriate ministries, students and other influencers.

The first presentation was to 139 young people at the School of Liberty, supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.  More of these seminars will follow.

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