Promoting Freedom & Peace in South Sudan

Students for Liberty & Entrepreneurship is in South Sudan which is 185th out of 190 in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Index. Poor security there makes travel very dangerous.

In 2020 SOLE had to abandon face to face activities due to covid and online activities are limited by poor connections but in 2021 they were able to run their Inter University Liberty Caravan, albeit with limited numbers.  Also, their weekly radio messaging and quizzes.

During February their Liberty Caravan visited two universities weekly to introduce students to concepts such as democracy, tolerance, market economy, individual liberty, entrepreneurship and rule of law.  203 students and lecturers took part and a club was formed at the Catholic University of South Sudan to continue this interaction.

These seminars were based on Tom Palmer’s books Peace, Love and Liberty, Why Liberty? and Eamonn Butler’s book Foundations of a Free Society which were also used for a weekly show on the local FM Radio supported by NFS.  The underlying theme was to embrace the spirit of peace, love and liberty which are foundational for human flourishing and at the end of each program there was a quiz with 12 prizes for those who got the answers right.  This proved hugely successful in keeping the attention of the audience with no less than 1213 people calling in with answers to the questions.  It was broadcast in both Arabic and English to reach as many as possible.

For 1213 to respond the audience will have been significantly higher.

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