Courses in Entrepreneurship and Economics for Ugandan High Schools

After months of planning in 2020 it was not until March 1st, 2021, that students were introduced to their new book, Entrepreneurship & Economics. The purpose of the project was to replace what had been a non-existent or even incorrect teaching of these subjects with lessons that develop an understanding of free enterprise as the key to advancing prosperity, innovation and human fulfilment and to shape the way both students and teachers understand economics.

Mugabi Socrates, CEO of ALED. (Action for Liberty & Economic Development) an independent think tank in Uganda, first had to persuade the local authority in Entebbe to agree the project in state schools and then the teachers too. Next to identify a suitable book and teachers guide and get them appropriately amended for a Ugandan setting and funds had to be raised, specific schools identified and enrolled, the teachers trained, the 1000 books printed, delivered etc.

17 schools and 1306 students took part in the 31 hours of allocated class time with some students sadly having to share books. Other schools begged to be included after the closing date.

The course got a warm welcome from teachers, heads and students who requested that:-

  • ALED can continue to support this course in their schools in future,
  • ALED organize a conference on Entrepreneurship and Economics for High Schools so other teachers can learn of the benefits of the book and the course.
  • Students who were not in the target class can also benefit from this learning.
  • That there be a test for those who took part & accreditation for their achievements.
  • Textbooks and teachers guide will be kept in the library for reference, more lessons to come and students personal reading.
  • Teachers have asked to start entrepreneurship and economics clubs for students.
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