A Breakthrough into the Universities in Tanzania

In 2020 free market think tank Liberty Sparks first published classical liberal books in Swahili which is widely spoken in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan.

The books were Adam Smith: A Primer and an Introduction to Capitalism by Eamonn Butler and published by the IEA.  Dissemination was mostly through their Caravan of Ideas which visits universities to disseminate  them at seminars or other events.  Also, through webinars and an essay competition to find the best students to man the Caravan of Ideas the next year.

Late in 2020 they translated and published An Introduction to Entrepreneurship   with exciting results from their campaign to distribute and promote the three books plus, from July onwards, An Introduction to Democracy.

In June 2021 they repeated an earlier visit to St Mary’s Teacher’s College.  The hall was packed with 150 plus

Similarly successful events took place at the University of Social Welfare (STAWI), the College of Trade, the College of Business and Entrepreneurship, the Muslim University of Morogoro,  and the Mwalimu Nyerere Academy amongst others.

The book was launched on ITV and has been discussed and promoted more widely on TV and Radio since.

Now the books are in Swahili interest from radio and television stations has increased and particularly from universities who were hostile previously.

CEO Evans Exaud wrote “We had a very successful presentation of the book to 14 head of faculty of entrepreneurship, College representatives and University principles. …. they promise to assign their students to read the book and write something about it. Again, they request similar seminars for all faculty of entrepreneurship in the country and they asked for a short video for the book and also a seminar to all their students about the book.”

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