Toleration, Freedom and Peace in Boko Haram Country

Global African Christians for Liberty organized this workshop in Maiduguri in the North East of Nigeria where the terrorist group Boko Haram is very active.  This is a jihadist terrorist group which is particularly brutal and make normal life extremely difficult and any escape from poverty impossible. The purpose was to explore the concepts of  “Free Societies, Tolerance and Co-operation” in Africa and participants were both Christian and Muslim. The NFS CD ‘Ideas for a Free Society’ provided virtually the only possibility for students to read further on the subjecting the hope is to produce such material in the local language Hausa before too long.

Break Out Groups

The one book that was available, Islamic Foundations of a Free Society, created a lot of interest among the students who were both Christian and Muslim because it explores and promotes the Islamic case for a free society.

With their CD’s in English


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