The Center for Anti-authoritarian Studies in Serbia chose Socialism: The Failed Idea that Never Dies

The Center for Anti-authoritarian Studies in Serbia chose Socialism: The Failed Idea that Never Dies

Translation was completed in August and co- translator Saša Mirković also authored a critical introduction that contextualised the topic for the domestic readers and was included in the book.   1000 copies were printed of which 120 were donated to the National Library of Serbia which agreed to distribute them to all the university libraries in Serbia. This triggered a fiery debate on social media.

The book was then promoted at the 2019 Belgrade Book Fair, 20th-27th October 2019,  in cooperation with Danas, the main independent daily newspaper in Serbia.  800 copies were sold for $1 to anyone who also bought the newspaper.   People from Danas were very pleased with the popularity of the book and expressed interest in future cooperation.  (ISBN – 978-86-89433-09-8, COBISS.SR-ID – 280299276)

The remaining 80 hard copies were sent to CAAS alumni, blog writers, partner organisations and donors, as well as awarded to the winners of the best student essay competition we organised in cooperation with the Serbian branch of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

After the 2019 Belgrade Book Fair, the book was made available on the CAAS website and a social media promotional campaign was started and will run until the end of the year encouraging readers to read the book and join the debate about it on our Facebook page. A promotional video was produced for this purpose and it’s available on our Facebook page 3 and our YouTube channel 4

“This was the first book that we’ve published as an organisation and we are very grateful for the opportunity to do so. It allowed us to make new partnerships with the media, as well as jump start the discussion on the dangers of socialism in the time where there is a great media attention focusing on the new “democratic socialist” political party that one of our ex-professors, Jovo Bakić, is currently founding. The book will certainly prove to be a great tool for debunking their corrupt ideas and educating the Serbian public about their true nature.”

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