Indonesia: Translation of The Introduction to Capitalism

Suara Kebebasan printed 250 copies of the Indonesian translation of The Introduction to Capitalism and they have promoted it both on line and at events. They held an essay competition on capitalism and freedom, based on the translated book. The 10 best submissions had their articles on the Suara Kebebasa portal and social media and they received the translated book and other publications for free.

For the three best essays, in addition to the gifts and uploaded articles, they have also been given free t-shirts of “Less Marx, More Mises” and a small money prize as well as a place at the Suara Kebebasan flag ship event The Mises Boot Camp.

Book reviews have been published on line and the book has been the subject of discussion at regular Suara Kebebasan events such as their afternoon Coffee for Freedom events and talks on liberty and other events in conjunction with other organisations such as Students for Liberty Indonesia, the Freidrich Naumann Foundation and the Indonesian Institute.

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